Your Generosity is Changing Lives!

Though counselling is becoming increasingly available, it remains financially inaccessible to many who need it. The world of psychology has opened our eyes to the devastating effects of complex trauma, yet the healing of it remains out of reach to those who are most desperate. Healing the wounds of our past is a journey that changes us, our families, and our communities. The process of healing is long and hard and takes dedication.

MTO Reach relies on generous donors to bring the unattainable resource of clinical counselling into the reach of those who need it.

Become a Partner
We can't do this work alone

Our team knows that we cannot do this important work without the support of dedicated partners around us. We desire to partner with people like you, who are willing to passionately give and faithfully pray. God is working and moving in our town, country, and world - and He is calling us to partner with Him.

Our partners will recieve updates on our prayer needs and hear insights about all that God is doing through our team. We hope to grow ongoing relationships with those invested in the work of our team.