Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is an opportunity for you to explore your past, present, and future. It’s a non-judgmental space to examine how you got to where you are and how you can move forward to create a healthy future. Healing takes time and care and our counsellors are here to walk beside you on the journey. 

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Couples Counselling

TJ Mackenzie is MTO Reachs couples counsellor. He helps couples become aware of the various bids and protests for connection that often go unaddressed in relationships but are at the root of most arguments and conflicts. He helps couples tune into each partner’s need for healthy attachment with one another with a goal that the couples would come to find greater safety, connection, and intimacy within the relationship. Often the issue at the surface is not the issue, but rather a symptom of emotional disconnection. Relationships can be hard, and finding new ways of relating can take time, but you do not need to walk through it alone.  

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Addiction Counselling

Addiction, of any kind, steals our joy, relationships, time, and energy. Our addictions desire to keep us hidden in shame, where they continue to suck the life out of us. Richard Evans, MTO Reach Addictions Counsellor, is trained in the deep inner workings of addiction. You do not need to be alone, and your addiction does not need to define you. Come find freedom and hope. 

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